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АНО "МурманЭКСПОцентр" Выставки в Мурманске


24.11.2014: The orgnizers summed up the exhibition “SevTec’14”

The X international exhibition “SevTec’14” has finised and the organizers have first results.

The exhibition “SevTec’14” proved to have the status of the authoritative ground for business dialogue, search of potential partners, discussion of topical issues and prospects of business development. The full economic effect will be estimated in some time when the contracts will come in forth and new business contacts will lead to new transactions.

The following fields were represented at the exhibition: scientific and research works, developments, equipment; power efficience, power and heat saving; builing, modernization and maintainance of objects; exploration and processing of hydrocarbon crude; machine building, automotion; systems and means of environment safety, ecotechnologies; recruiting of experienced staff.

Over 1200 heads of enterprises and specialists attended the exhibition during 3 days of its work. Their business is more or less connected with the Arctic zone. Representatives of authorities also were among the visitors. Representatives from Murmansk and regions, Moscow, Saont-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Penza, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Stavropol and Primorsk territory, the republic of Karelia and Komi, Yakutia, KMAA-Yugra were registered as visitors, among foreign  attendants there were guests from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia and Korea.

Over 100 people took part at the events of the business programme of the exhibition. One of the key event  of the conference became a Conference of associations of uinions of employers of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, which resulted in Declaration on cooperation among the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs of Murmansk region, the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous area and the Union “Northern industrialists and entrepreneurs” (Norilsk). The declaration includes a range of coordinated actions, aimed at improving of legal base, regulating topics of labour relations in the Arctic zone of Russia and forming of united position about social and economic development of Northern regions. Besides, the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs of Murmansk region and the Union “Northern industrialists and entrepreneurs” signed an Agreement about cooperation for coordinating of actions for defending of interests of the territories of the Arctic zone of Russia on the federal level.

The participants and visitors gave positive replies. According to prior estimation, the participants marked that 25%  of negotiations may give real results. The most participants plan to take part at “SevTec’2015”!

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