25.11.2014: Within the frames of the exhibition SevTec14 the first Murmansk grantees of the programme Brainbox of the Fund for assistance to small-sized enterprises in scientific and technical sphere

The results of the contest of innovative projects for federal grants within the programme “Brainbox” of the Fund for assistance to small-sized enterprises in scientific and technical sphere are already announced.

23 applications from beginning innovators from Murmansk region were examined during the contest, 6 projects were chosen for getting the federal grant.

The awarding ceremony took place within the X international exhibition “SevTec’14”. The grantees are:

  1. Aminov Victor Andreevich -  project “Development and creation of the unit of thermal food processing”;
  2. Zhivlyantseva Yulia Vyacheslavovna – project “Development of technologies for peptone getting from hydrobionts and wastes of their industrial processing”;
  3. Shulyak Diana Valeryevna – project “Development of source saving technologies for getting of firm coagulant for treatment of drinking water”;
  4. Yanicheva Natalia Yurievna – project “Development of the net of succrssive technologies of hydrothermal synthesis of ivanyukit, removal of Cs and Sr with its help and final immobilization in mineral-like titanate ceramics”;
  5. Kalashnikova Galina Olegovna – project “Synthesis of new regenerated sorbents by transformation of carcass titansilicates”;
  6. Potokin Sergey Alexandrovich – project “Development of the maquette of electro impact disintegrator for raising of culling of precious metal, stones and rare metals”.

The grants are given for works of further adaptation of SRW in part of commerzialisation of the scientific elaboration (trial model, prototype and patent)

The sum of the grant is 400 000 roubles for two years. For each year of scientific and research work the contract for 200 000 roubles is signed. In case, the works will be completed during the first year and approval of the expert council by estimation of the annual report, the grantee get 200 000 roubles for the second year of the Programme. 

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